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New Vape Cartridges Are Here!

New vape cartridges are here!

We’ve added 3 new high quality vape cartridges to our product line. These 3 vape cartridges come in 3 new colors. Our Highzenberg vape cartridge is filled with 500mg or 1000mg ¬†of ultra refined CO2 cannabis oil and is dyed blue like Highzenberg’s own blue sky crystal from the TV show. We use a natural process when dyeing these vapes to ensure that you smoke non-toxic all natural terpenes. Our other new vape cartridge is called the Kryptonite vape cartridge and is filled with 500mg or 1000mg of ultra refined CO2 extracted cannabis oil and dyed naturally with natural terpenes. All dyes are non-toxic and natural terpene dyes. Finally our last new vape is the El Diablo vape cartridge. This vape comes in a 500mg cartridge or a 100mg cartridge an is filled with ultra refined Co2 extracted cannabis oil. All of our vape products come in premium box packaging and high quality vape cartridges. These new vape cartridges are available at a licensed dispensary near you. For help finding our products nearest to your location please visit our locations page.

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