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New Infused Gummy Candies

New Infused Gummy Candies

Today we are introducing our new THC infused gummy candies. Merlin’s Delights offers an assortment of different types of gummy’s including Gummy bears 250mg or 500mg THC, Gummy Worms 250mg or 500mg THC, Gummy Peach Rings 250mg or 500mg THC, Gummy Sour belts – 250mg or 500mg THC and Gummy Bears 250mg or 500mg CBD. All of our gummies are made in 10mg pieces and are packaged with a resealable plastic pouch package. Please try our new infused gummy candies today. If you get a chance to taste our gummy’s please feel free to leave a review and let us know how they are.

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